Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Garden Minute - Pruning Roses

Feb. 15th, 2017

This is Jason Lamb with your Gardening Minute.
Roses are one of the most popular garden plants and it’s time to think about pruning your roses.

Pruning improves the quality of the blooms, regulates the size and shape of the plant, and removes diseased and damaged parts. There is always a question about how much to cut back a rose bush. The time and amount to prune depends on the type of rose, variety, location, and vigor. Hybrid tea roses should be pruned in late winter or about two weeks before the last freeze.

Pruning roses higher will produce more flowers early, while shorter pruning produces fewer but bigger flowers later. The basic technique for most pruning is to cut at a 45-degree angle, 1/4-inch above the nearest outward-facing bud with the higher point above the bud. First remove any dead, broken, damaged, or blotched canes. Roses prefer full sun, so pruning should be done in a bowl shape to maximize the sunlight on the plant.

Floribundas and Climbing roses should be pruned less, only topping the plants to promote vigorous growth.

From more information about pruning roses please contact us at the Cooperative Extension Office at 461-0562.  This has been your Gardening Minute with Jason Lamb your Quay County Ag. Extension Agent. Where are programs are open to everyone.

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