Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Garden Minute - November 1, 2016

Date: November 1, 2016
This is Jason Lamb with your Gardening Minute.

Did you know that most tree seeds have to go through the process of stratification before they can germinate? Stratification is what the winter months due to tree seeds. Seeds must be cold and moist for a period of time before they will germinate. This process softens the seed shell and allows time for the embryo to develop so that it can be ready for spring.

You can stratify your own tree seeds by mimicking this process. First make sure that you know what type of seeds you are stratifying and their requirements for stratification. Next place your seeds in a warm water bath for thirty minutes to soften the seed coat, then place them in a quart size plastic bag filled half way with potting soil. Mix the seed and potting soil together and moisten the soil. Puncture several holes in the top of the bag for air to circulate. Then place the mixture in the refrigerator keeping the seeds at 34-41 degrees for 90 to 100 days. You will need to check the moisture about every two weeks. Once the seeds start to germinate plant the seeds.

If you are interested in learning more about seed stratification please contact us at the Cooperative Extension Office at 461-0562. This has been your Gardening Minute with Jason Lamb your Quay County Ag. Extension Agent. Where are programs are open to everyone.

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