Friday, October 2, 2015

Mice and Rat Control

Oct. 2, 2015

This is Jason Lamb with your Gardening Minute.

Mice and Rats can create significant problems for home owners. During the fall mice start looking for winter nesting sites such as in your home. The most common rodents found in homes are the house mouse, roof rat, deer mice, and Norway rat. 

When, controlling rodents there are four steps that you should followed.  First, try snap traps. Set snap traps at right angles, along travel routes where rodent droppings are evident. Good mice baits are peanut butter, chocolate, beacon, dry oat meal and cotton balls. Try several different baits at a time to see what they are eating. Traps can be pre-baited without setting the trap at least once to increase success.

Secondly, Sanitation is very effective in reducing rat and mice populations. Eliminate sources of food by cleaning or storing foodstuffs in rodent-proof containers. Waste and garbage should be disposed in tightly covered metal cans. Keep dog and cat food cleaned up. 

Thirdly, clean up mice nesting sites, applying a 10% solution of bleach prior to cleaning for protection against Hantavirus. 

Finally, Exclusion is always the most permanent means of control. Mice can enter your home through opening as small as a ¼ inch. Openings should be covered with rodent-resistant materials, such hardware cloth.

For more information about rodent control please contact us at the Cooperative Extension Office at 461-0562. This has been your Gardening Minute with Jason Lamb your Quay County Ag. Extension Agent. Where are programs are open to everyone.

(Adapted from NMSU Guild L-209 – Rodent Control)

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