Monday, June 1, 2015

Garden Minute - Growing Roses

May 19, 2015

This is Jason Lamb with your Gardening Minute.

Roses are one of the most popular garden plants and there are endless
varieties to choose from. The most common types of roses are tea roses,
hybrid teas, floribundas, miniatures, and climbers with the hybrid teas
and floribundas being grown most often.

February to March is the best time to plant bare root roses in New
Mexico and potted roses can be planted anytime during the growing
season. Roses do best in sunny locations with six hours of sun or more
and that are sheltered from strong winds. Roses should be planted in
well-drained, fertile loam soils and watered deep to promote root
development. Soils containing excessive amounts of alkali are not
recommended for Roses.

Hybrid tea roses should be pruned in late winter while floribundas in late
fall. Higher pruning of roses in relation to the ground will produce more
flowers early, while lower pruning produces fewer but bigger flowers
later. Growers should use an open-center system to allow for more
sunlight when pruning.

Cuttings for roses should be cut at least one quarter of an inch higher
than an out facing bud, at a 45 degree angle. Blooms are borne on new
growth so old flowering heads should be removed to permit the new
laterals to develop into healthy flowering wood.

If you would like more information on growing roses please contact the
Extension office at 461-0562. This has been your Gardening Minute
with Jason Lamb your Quay County Ag. Extension Agent. Where are
programs are open to everyone.

(reference NMSU Guide H-165 – Growing Roses)

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